Foundations of Color with Mary Gerlach

9:30 am to 12:30 pm
starting 1/12 – monthly
Studio location: B

Learn to mix all the colors you need from a limited palette. Create a color wheel and learn design principles and color theory to help you achieve the painting results you are looking to express. Art fundamentals, exciting compositions and meaningful expressions. Oils or acrylics.

Materials List

Mary Gerlach

Mary G. Gerlach’s primary intention is creating high quality, realistic art and to be constantly growing as an artist.  As a painter, facing all of the challenges – be it color, techniques, or composition. Her focus and dedication is to be a strong visual communicator.

Mary perceives our world as an awe-inspiring place, that motivates and challengers her to create an extraordinary image that can connect the viewer to her art. Mary is passionate about her art and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.  She teaches painting classes and lectures on art-related topics. Guiding promising new artists, sharing her knowledge of thirty plus years as an art educator/artist.

Visit Mary’s studio at The Hub on Canal Street.  View the wide array of her paintings and be sure to stop by to discuss a commission of your choice.
Mary holds both a BS and a MASTERS in Art Education. She has taught general art and photography  at the secondary and college level. Her current work is of various Tropical themes in oils & acrylic and commissioned pet portraits, and some photography.