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Artist Workshop Volunteers Needed
Be Active...Stay Young

Are you an artist or interested in the arts? Do you have talents or skills you would like to share? Would you like to contribute your time and those talents? Volunteering your time and talents are crucial to us sustaining and growing our community non-profit organization.

Apply to become a volunteer today where you can thrive and feel that your time is being well spent. We’ll find the perfect spot for you at our studios, gallery or during special events. You can volunteer occasionally or sign up for a regularly scheduled time. We have openings in a variety of areas, and would welcome having you as an Artists’ Workshop volunteer!

Contact us at 386-424-9254 or email


The Artists’ Workshop of New Smyrna Beach is a 501 (c) (3) Non Profit educational facility registered under s.496.405 with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. #CH34968

Board of Directors

Cheryl Faber


Susie Means

First Vice President

Carole Ryan

Second Vice President

Anne Dall

Recording Secretary

Donna Burggraff


Charon Luebbers & Tina Pritchard

Administrative Staff

Committee Chairs

Head Chairperson in bold

Art Classes

  • Ruth Squitieri
  • Liv Witherow
  • Cheryl Faber

Community Exhibits

  • Bob Stinziano
  • Patty Stinziano

Dues & Records

  • Charon Luebbers

Gallery on Canal

  • Liz Clayton


  • Patty Stinziano


  • Kathy Kerrigan


  • Kathy Kerrigan


  • Patrick Rausch

MDC Liaison

  • Joe Anglin

Member Show

  • Anne Dall


  • Mary Peschel-Herlehy

Plein Air Paint Out 

  • Melissa Schwenn


  • Ruth Squitieri

Studio Gallery

  • Joanne Reilly

Volusia County Cultural Alliance

  • Betty Parker


  • Tina Pritchard
  • Charon Luebbers


Email to request a printed directory or to update your information.

Our History

In February of 1957, fifteen creative souls responded to a notice in the local paper inviting anyone interested in forming an art group to come together for lunch at a local Italian restaurant.  Before the meal was over, the idea of establishing a local art league had grown from just a hope to a full-fledged commitment to really make it happen.  Together they formed New Smyrna’s first chartered art group in March 1958.

The enterprising little group approached the City Fathers and urged them to find available space.  An upstairs room at 126 Canal Street, above the Parks and Recreation Department, was offered and readily accepted.  The space was voluntarily renovated by the group in exchange for its use, and the Artists’ Workshop had its first home.

Three months after forming, the group had grown to 51 members who decided to put on their first show and public exhibit.  The Bank of New Smyrna permitted their walls to become the gallery to hang 43 oils and sketches.  The public was invited and 300 guests showed up!  The first-ever art show in New Smyrna Beach had been received with great enthusiasm, and the Annual Membership Exhibition has continued to this day.

By 1978, with over 200 members and growing, the group had outgrown the Parks & Recreation room and again approached the City Council to request the large room above the Chamber of Commerce at 115 Canal StreetIn 1980, the Gallery downstairs adjacent to the offices of the Chamber, was opened and exists in the same space today.

In 2008, the Artists’ Workshop and the Marine Discovery Center pursued with the Wildlife Foundation of Florida (WFF) and the City of New Smyrna Beach, an ECHO Grant to renovate the old New Smyrna Beach High School Administration building on the land now owned by the State of Florida off the North Causeway on Barracuda Blvd.  The Grant provided matching funds for the renovation.

Occupying today some 4,000 square feet of this building, the Artists’ Workshop has grown to over 400 members and has enjoyed a three-fold growth in the number of classes offered and other programs.

Past Presidents

Joseph Fazio 1958-1960
Betty Barler 1960-1961
Joseph Fazio 1961-1963
Harry Hill 1963-1965
Genell Boozer 1965-1966
Harry Holl 1966-1967
Arthur Vos 1967-1975
Regina Wadlin 1975-1977
Jack Brodkin 1977-1978
Marilynne Roland 1978-1980
Lorraine Potter 1980-1981
Marilynne Roland 1981-1982
Roman L. Sadowski 1982-1984
Pat Hagemeier 1984-1986
Judi Dold 1986-1988
Lorene Weber 1988-1990
Charlene Hendricks 1990-1991
Beverly Priess 1991-1993
Vaigale K Duers 1993-1994
Frances Fixaris 1994-1996
MarleneVeite 1996-1998
Carolyn Buckmann 1998-2000
Betty Parke 2000-2002
Carolyn Land 2002-2004
Marlene Veite 2004-2005
Joseph Smith 2005-2006
Bob Grayson 2006-2011
Laura Robinson 2011-2013
Joe Anglin 2013-2015
Liz Clayton 2015-2017
Joe Anglin 2017-2018
Cheryl Faber 2018-2021