Artists’ Workshop, Inc.
of New Smyrna Beach

Revised November 6th, 2019


The name of this organization shall be: Artists’ Workshop, Inc. of New Smyrna Beach, Florida (Hereinafter referred to as the Workshop). Its principal place of business and studio shall be located at 540 Barracuda Blvd, New Smyrna Beach, in Volusia County, Florida.  (Mailing address: Artists’ Workshop, Inc. P.O. Box 1194, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32170) The Gallery shall be located at 115 Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach.


The Artists’ Workshop of New Smyrna Beach, Inc. strives to enrich the community by offering a supportive, vibrant environment which promotes opportunities to learn, create, exhibit, and appreciate art.


Section 1. The membership of the Workshop shall be composed of artists and others interested in promoting its objectives.

Section 2. Membership shall he divided into the following categories:

(a) Members: shall be entitled to participate in art classes and workshops at a discounted rate. They may exhibit their work at Workshop sponsored exhibits. (See ARTICLE IX)

(b) Honorary Members: shall have all the privileges of membership without payment of dues. having been selected by the Workshop to express appreciation of past services or generosity in support of the organization. All past presidents shall automatically become Honorary Members

(c) Life Members: upon adoption of these by-laws, this category shall be closed. Present Life Members shall have the same privileges as a member in good standing. 

Section 3. Only Members, Honorary, and Life Members of the Workshop, are eligible to vote. Voting shall he based on a simple majority.

Section 4. Quorum at general membership meetings shall be 15% of total eligible membership. Voting shall be based on a simple majority.

Section 5. The Artists’ Workshop does not have a Junior Membership; however, it serves the youth of the community through afternoon classes and summer camps.


Section 1. Membership dues shall be payable yearly, in the month that members had previously joined. Dues will be considered delinquent if not paid within 30 days and the members name will be removed from the current list of members and they will not be aloud to vote or exhibit until dues are paid.

Section 2.  There is no annual membership fee for Honorary Members.


Section 1. A person will be accepted as member upon filling out an application and paying the current dues. Membership will last for one year from that date and be eligible for renewal yearly.

Section 2. A member may be expelled or suspended for just cause presented to the Board of Directors in writing, with an affirmative vote of at least 51% of those present at a regularly scheduled board meeting. The member in question shall have the opportunity to appear and present his/her case before the board.

Section 3. When a member resigns or if connection with the Workshop is otherwise severed, the member shall cease to have any interest in the Workshop or its property or its affairs or its franchise.


The officers of the Workshop shall be as follows: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.                                                                                               

The six elected officers and appointed committee chairpersons, along with the immediate past president shall constitute the Board of Directors. They shall serve for two years unless re-elected or until their replacement is elected. They may be removed from office for absence without cause from three consecutive meetings. The Steering Committee, composed of the six elected officers, will meet at the request of the President.


Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Workshop. Perform such duties as the office requires; be ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee and shall keep all important papers pertaining to the Workshop in the organization’s safe deposit box. In the event that any elected officer or appointed committee chairman resigns, the President may, with the approval of the Board of Directors, appoint a successor.

Section 2. The First Vice President shall act as President in his or her absence and otherwise assist the President as he or she shall desire; and will serve as Program Chairperson.

Section 3. The Second Vice President shall work with the Corresponding Secretary and Treasure to make sure that new members are processed in a timely manner. Once the member is registered and the new member packet is sent out by the Corresponding Secretary, it will be the second Vice Presidents responsibility to contact the new member to welcome them and answer any questions they may have. It is also the second VPs job to attend membership meetings to greet and supply name tags and to get members to sign in.

Section 4. The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of all board and general meetings of the Workshop. As requested, minutes of committee meetings may be required. The recording secretary will also notify officers and committee chairs of board meetings at least one week prior to the date.

Section 5. The Corresponding Secretary will work with the Treasurer and second VP to process new membership in a timely fashion. The Corresponding Secretary will send out welcome packets to new members upon receiving the new members information from the Treasurer. That new member information will be forwarded to the second VP. The corresponding secretary will also send newsletters and any other appropriate materials to members who do not have access to email. The Corresponding secretary shall also send thank you notes for donations and any other letters as requested and directed by the board.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Workshop from whatever source derived and shall render an account of them as requested. The Treasurer shall deposit funds in such manner as the Board shall direct. All checks must have the signatures of both the President and Treasurer.

Section 7. The immediate Past President shall monitor any scholarship programs.

Section 8. All officers of the Workshop and all chairmen of committees shall make a written summary report at the May board meeting of the Workshop. Copies of these reports will be provided for the Recording Secretary for attachment to the minutes of the May meeting.

Section 9. The term of office for all officers shall be two years, but not to exceed two consecutive terms in the same office. However, they shall hold office until their successors have been elected and qualified.

Section 10.  Elected officers must be residents of the New Smyrna Beach/Volusia County vicinity.

Section 11.  The outgoing president shall automatically become a member of the board for one year.

Section 12.  Quorum for board meetings shall be five (5) members eligible to vote.


Section 1.  Regular meetings shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month with the exception of June, July and August. Additional meetings may be held at the call of the president, or in his or her absence, by the acting president. The Board of Directors shall meet once a month from August through May. The general meeting of the Workshop held on the first Wednesday of April will also be the required Annual Meeting.

Section 2. The AWI fiscal year begins May 1st and ends April 30th.


COMMITTEES, Nominating, Auditing, and Others

Section 1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) members. Two (2) shall be elected by the Board from its membership at its December meeting. One (I) shall be appointed by the President, and Two (2) shall be elected from the general membership at the January meeting. The Nominating Committee shall then elect a Chairperson. who shall present the proposed slate of officers mentioned in ARTICLE VI to the Workshop at the March meeting. Election shall take place at the April meeting and installation of newly elected officers will take place at the regular May meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor, provided that consent of the nominee has been obtained. Officers shall be elected by a voice vote of members present and voting, except when there are nominations from the floor. Then, voting for officers shall be by ballot.

Section 2. An Auditing Committee of two (2) shall be appointed by the president at the January meeting. They will work with the Treasurer to review the records, plan a proposed budget and certify the accuracy of the bank balance as of April 30, the end of our fiscal year.



At least once a year there shall be a Workshop exhibition of original works of members for public viewing. All works submitted must have been created within two (2) years prior to exhibition, and not previously exhibited in an Annual Members’ Show. 

The Annual Members’ Show will be a juried exhibit. (Rules for eligibility – See ARTICLE X)


Section 1. All Members, including reinstated members, must be in good standing as of three (3) months prior to the deadline of the annual Members’ Show to be eligible.


Activities requiring approval of Board of Directors at regularly scheduled meetings will include:

Section 1. All outside activities undertaken in the name of the Workshop.

Section 2. Requests for donations, or fund-raising activities.

Section 3. Offers of unusual or large donations to the Workshop.

Section 4. Any expenditure in excess of $500.00 for capital improvements or major maintenance of facility.

Section 5.  Any transfer of funds from the major maintenance account to the operating account.

Section 6. Any changes in gallery exhibition procedures, standards, or eligibility rules.

Section 7. Recommendations for operating procedures.

Section 8. The selection of the Annual Members Exhibit judge.



The by-laws of this organization shall be made, altered or rescinded by two thirds vote of those entitled to vote at a regular meeting, provided however, that due notice thereof has been given at a regular meeting or by Workshop Newsletter publication.

An amendment must be presented in writing to the Secretary, who will read it at the meeting, and it shall be voted upon at the following meeting.


In all points not covered by the charter and by-laws, Roberts Rules, of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the procedure of the meeting. Copy of Rules will be in library.