At the Chamber of Commerce Building

Located on the East Side



Gallery Hours

Monday through Saturday • 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

First Saturday of the month: Art Walk, 4-7 p.m.

Closed Sundays and Holidays

At the Artist’s Workshop Studio &

Gallery Hours

Monday through Friday • 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

Additional Venues in New Smyrna Beach

The Artists’ Workshop program Community Exhibits is an opportunity for members to display and sell their artwork. Our local area has several venues where the shows are hung for various months at a time. These public places are an excellent way for members to get feedback and exposure from the community. In addition, we are using this program to let the public be aware of the art community in our town.

  • New Smyrna Beach Library
  • Edgewater Library/City Hall
  • Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce – 2nd Floor
  • Nature in Beauty Salon- Canal Street
  • United Church of Christ – NSB
  • Dr. Daquila’s office – Port Orange
  • Trinity Lutheran Church- NSB

Members with questions or interest in showing their artwork in Community Exhibits, please contact Bob and Patty Stinziano – Chair for Community Exhibits at

Gallery on Canal Exhibits

The Artists’ Workshop Gallery displays original art only. No copies or reproductions of artwork will be accepted. Paintings, photography, ceramics, fiber art, and sculptures are welcomed in the gallery.

To enter an exhibit, a Member must send an email to the gallery chairman with the following information – Title, Price, Medium, Size (including frame), and artist’s name. This is needed to determine when an exhibit is filled and to create labels for the art (for both 2-D and Sculpture/Clay).

Dates for exhibit entry and pick up can also be found in the monthly newsletter and on the website A Constant Contact email is also sent as a reminder.

Maximum size of artwork may not exceed 36” in height or width due to wall space. 3-D sculpture and clay must be of a size that will fit on a pedestal. This allows for as many Members as possible to be able to exhibit in each monthly show. A few oversized pieces are allowed on occasion and must be submitted in advance for the chair’s approval.

A label needs to be placed on the back or bottom of the artwork with the same information sent to the chairman. Except for a judged show, gallery items need to be for sale.

Artwork must be securely wired to hang. It must lay flat on a wall. No saw tooth or other hangers can be used as they are not compatible with our hanging system. All artwork must be framed unless it is gallery wrapped (canvas stapled on the back) with all edges painted or covered with wood strips.

Artwork is enhanced by suitable framing in good condition. Simple wood or metal frames less than two inches are recommended. If the artwork is matted, white matting is preferred and required for judged exhibits. Pastel art may be covered with glass, but anything else requiring a covering must use acrylic or Plexiglas. Art is limited by weight. Glass is too heavy for large pieces. Anything weighing more than 30 lbs. cannot be hung on our system.

Artists who display in the gallery are encouraged to join our gallery volunteer program. This is your opportunity to be an ambassador for the Artists’ Workshop. Upon the sale of your artwork, 20% of the sale is to be donated to the Artists’ Workshop to help with gallery expenses and advertising. There is no charge to enter the one month Artists’ Choice shows, and all AWI members are invited to display their work.

Featured Artists Themed Shows

The Featured Artists Themed shows will hang for two months. This allows for a longer time for the artwork to be seen and greater opportunity for the work to sell. Featured Artists pay $50 to rent a panel (the floor to ceiling panels on one side of the gallery) and may place one large or several small paintings on the panel. This allows you to showcase several of your works together. Your name will be displayed on the panel. These exhibits will receive additional advertising in the newspapers as well as on glossy 5×7 postcards that will include the name of each featured artist along with a photo of one of their paintings. The cards will be distributed at other galleries and businesses.

The rest of the gallery will hold single paintings, ceramics and sculptures at a cost of $5.00 each. ALL PAINTINGS IN THE SHOW MUST ADHERE TO THE THEME. If your work sells you can replace it with another at no additional charge.

In order for the gallery chairman to plan the themed shows and prepare the advertising, artists interested in being a Featured Artist are requested to notify the gallery chairman of their desire to exhibit A FULL MONTH IN ADVANCE of the drop off date.

December Judged Gallery Exhibit Rules

The December show in the Gallery on Canal will be a judged small works show. Two pieces with images no more than 8″x10″ may be entered with the fee of $20.00 each. Artwork must be original (not copied from magazines or other artwork), no more than 2 years old and cannot have previously won an award in any Artists’ Workshop judged exhibit. All the rules about gallery exhibiting apply to this show including submission of label information to the gallery chairman.

Studio Gallery Exhibits