Clay – Hand Building

Dates – Mondays 2/19 – 3/1 (Studio closed 3/4)

Time – 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location – Studio A

Price $150 members $180 non-members.

Supplies – $50 per 25 lb. bag of clay. This fee includes studio glazes (underglazes, brush on and dipping) and kiln firings. Basic tools are available for use while in the studio. Please bring your own towel and apron (if desired)

Contact Dominique Josef – 678 523 3526 or email –

Description – In this class we will explore different techniques for hand building. Some hand building experience is suggested but not required as I will provide individual attention to each student. My goal in this class is to provide each student more tools to put in their artist’s tool belt – more techniques to enable you to take the visions out of your imagination and make them in clay. We will explore combining different techniques such as pinching, coiling, and slab construction, with the emphasis on slab construction. We will also review some surface design along with glazing and firing. Open Studio is available while enrolled in this class.


I have always been an artist…it just took me awhile to claim it. My inspiration to create, comes from God’s beauty that I see all around me, and in each one of us.

I think most artists are self-taught, because no matter how valuable formal training is, the real learning comes from working with the materials, whether clay, or paint,etc.

I have a background in visual display, doing the store display, and windows for Galleries, and Boutiques. I love working in different mediums, and dabbling in them all, but while going back to school at Georgia State University in Atlanta several years ago, happily pursuing a degree in Textiles and 3D Design, I took a
wheel class as an elective, and my love affair with clay began.

I continued this affair at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, also in Atlanta. Here I took several classes in hand building with John Roberts, a wonderful potter who taught my wheel class at GSU and then left there to head the ceramics department at Callanwolde.

Although I enjoyed throwing clay on the wheel, it was hand building that really sparked, and continues to spark my interest. To see a certain shape, and then to make that in clay, is an engineering project to me that completely keeps my attention.

One of the wonderful things about ceramics is that you can know very little about it, and still have fun and make things, or, if interested, you can be assured that there will forever be new things to learn!

I have a passion for clay, and I very much enjoy sharing this passion with others!