Clay – Build a Mug

Dates – Saturday 3/16 (one session class)

Time – 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Location – Studio A

Price $45.00

Come join us for an evening of fun hand build a mug. No experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing and arrive 15 minutes before class. Your mugs will be fired and you will return during open studio hours to glaze. We will notify you when they are ready. 

Contact: Julie Latayan  224-358-9169 or

Julie Latayan, a Florida based artist has been perfecting her skills creating sculpture for the past several years.

A self-taught artist, Julie began her career as a painter and muralist. Her love of art and wish to share her talents led her to teach high school art for five years, and later open her own gallery/studio.

While she was an accomplished painter, Julie sought to investigate other mediums and became fascinated with sculpture and specifically, clay. Clay presented a medium she could blend her painting skills and love of form and color to capture expression, form, texture, and color.

Julie’s characters are made of ceramic paper clay, fired in a kiln, and finished in a unique technique with acrylic paint.

Her inspiration comes from the rich diversity of creature peculiarities, actions, and emotions. Julie feels a heartbeat in every piece of clay and creatively works to bring it to life in a clever and unique way.

When Julie is not exhibiting at art fairs or filling gallery orders, she now teaches sculpting workshops for adults.