2024 AWI Member Show Registration and Rules

The 66th Annual Members Show Awards Presentation will take place on March 10, 2024 at the AWI Studios. We hope that you will join us for this fun and relaxed catered Sunday Brunch! This year we’re working on a “Garden Party” theme! Brunch will start about 12:00 PM. The Gallery will be open at 11:00 AM so you can view the show, and the awards will be presented starting at 1:30 PM.

Last year we gave out 31 Awards, totaling about $5800, and we had 115 entries in the Show. We had about 10 new awards that were sponsored by our own AW members, (or groups of members) who contributed. Please think about sponsoring an award if you’d like, that might honor someone’s memory, or perhaps fill in a gap for a specific medium that we don’t currently give an award for. Just try not to make the criteria too specific!

There are a couple of changes this year. The first is changing the date of having to pay your membership to be in the show from “within 3 months from the Show Date”, to now “Paying by Dec. 31st.” The cost of your Show Entry will remain the same as last year, $30, which includes your brunch. But the cost of a guest ticket for the full brunch will go from $20 to $25, as we just can’t provide a nice brunch for less than that. One more: As you may have noticed, AW is moving towards a “semester” calendar of sorts, with breaks several times a year when there are no classes offered. We have timed it so that the Members’ Show Gallery opens at the start of one of these breaks, (March 4) meaning we can set up the Gallery without having to worry about desks and tables, without interrupting classes, and allowing us to use additional freestanding panels to hang artwork if needed.

You must register your entry before you come to drop it off! You can do this online February 1-29th (it’s a leap year!) or you can fill out the paper form and mail it in, or you can bring it into the studios M-F from 10-3. If you have questions or need help with this please call the Studio offices at 386-424-9254.

This year we are again offering two times to bring your artwork in to the studios:
Friday afternoon, March 1, from 1:30-4:30 PM, or on
Saturday morning, March 2, from 9-Noon.

Drop-off is at our studios at 540 Barracuda Blvd., adjacent to the Marine Discovery Center.

The rules will be posted on the website and in the January newsletter, and paper copies will be available at the studios and Canal Street Gallery. For quick reference, the usual rules will apply, BUT remember, no 2D artwork larger than 40” on one side (including the frame) can be accepted. 3D Artwork must fit on a pedestal, and should not exceed 18” in width. Please keep the total weight of 2D art to under 25 lbs. Your piece must not have been in the Annual Member’s Show before, or won an award in another of AWI’s judged shows. Also it must have been completed less than 2 years ago. One entry per artist please! If you have questions, please email me at anneedall@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

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